Our lives have forever changed over the past weeks because of the constantly changing effects of the COVID-19 virus. We’re all feeling the gravity of the situation. Children are being kept home from school.  Businesses are closing their doors, and Canadians are waking up each morning wondering what the day will bring. Depending on what you are reading or who you are listening to, the fear of a pandemic is either very real or being blown out of proportion.

That said, we all need to take precautions and listen to what the authorities are telling us to do: Wash your hands often, and use sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol when hand washing is not available.  Social distancing is real – put distance between yourself and others.  If the individual does not currently share your living space …you must practice social distancing.  You cannot meet friends for coffee – give them a call instead.  If you need to bring them food…knock on the door and leave it at the door.  You cannot go over and spend time with them.  When you go for your walk, try to stay 6 feet from the person coming along the sidewalk.  These are just a few of the obvious precautions that we need to follow.

The economic effect is also causing concern for many of us. The stock market losses, the sporting world suspensions, entertainment, restaurants, and community space closures, etc. are all having an impact on society. The Congress is no exception. While we are taking a wait and see position, we have exercised the prescribed protocols, and have cancelled our face-to-face meetings until further notice. In as much as it is possible, our work will be managed by conference calls and emails. 

Please be safe and continue to protect yourself and your families, as well as your community members.

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