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CBWO History

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CBWO History

The Ontario Region has been in existence since 1983. It started with chapters in Toronto, Brampton, Durham, Hamilton, Kitchener/ Waterloo, London, Mississauga, Northeastern Ontario, North York, Ottawa, and Scarborough. Jean Augustine, who was the first Provincial Representative was later elected as National President.

Traditionally the Ontario Region has been engaged in a variety of activities to reflect the needs of the communities in which chapters operate. The initial focus of the region was to assist Black women and their families in the following areas:

Human Rights, Housing, Health, Child Development, Education, Pensions, Racism and Sexism.

With the objective to remain current and relevant to the women of today, the Ontario Region has broadened its focus to provide a forum for Black women to improve their lives while identifying and addressing issues which affect them, their families and their communities. Ontario Region currently has the following chapters: Ajax/Pickering, Brampton, London, Mississauga, North York, Scarborough, Waterloo, Oshawa-Whitby, and Markham Region.

Recognizing Past Chapters/Presidents

We recognize Past Chapters and Presidents who were once vibrant and active in the Ontario Region. These chapters and their members contributed to the organization in its heyday, to enable its continuity, leaving a legacy for current members. They made their mark and left a blueprint for reference. Current members can learn from the past to rebuild and reenergize the current organization to again become the force that it once was.

Durham Chapter: Betty Ann Creg, Beverley McFarlane, Fay Campbell

Toronto Chapter: Charis Newton

North York Chapter: Antoinette Davis, Sheila Mascoll

York Region: Dawn Brooks

Hamilton Chapter: Candice Mallot

Sudbury Chapter: Dorothy Ellis

Ottawa Chapter: In 1990 the Ontario region welcomed the Ottawa Chapter – no president was identified at the time.