Celebrating Black History Today and Everyday!

Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Today and Everyday!

Another Black History Month and time to celebrate the past, present and future accomplishments of Black people in Canada.

Black history has sometimes been reduced to the enslavement of Black people and although that has been a component of Black existence, it does not tell the entire story. We know that before slavery Black people were kings and queens. We must also be reminded that the first university was located in Timbuktu, Mali, on the continent of Africa.

Then, as now, Black people are teachers, politicians, nurses and hold many other professional jobs for which they are trained and qualified.
When the only narrative Black children are exposed to, is about enslavement, it robs them of their rich heritage, their self-esteem, and the high regard in which they should hold themselves and their ancestors.

In Canada Black History month became official in 1995 when Dr. Jean Augustine, proclaimed February as Black History Month.

Although we are in a pandemic, for the third year, and may only be able to do this virtually, we should expose ourselves to the positive Black role models who have made amazing contributions to Canada and the rest of the world.

Valerie Williams
Past Education Coordinator
Mississauga Chapter

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